This is an interesting time for me to be revisiting my old home state, the beautiful lone star state: Texas. Things in my world have been nothing short of a trip and by trip I mean round like a merry-go-round up and down with two robotic arms that allow the x and y axis to rotate and flip and spin much like a gyroscope spinning rapidly on an axis which is free to alter and rotate and spin in any direction. Sound a little crazy then you’re on the same page as me because that is exactly what it has been and my life typically is nothing less than one crazy adventure; as we are all on our own rides…however the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and believe me I am so fortunate to have the set of lenses I have to view the world and the amazing brain to put all the sensory pieces together.

I am a believer in the philosophy that everything and anything that can happen, a world and universe full of infinite possibilities that can happen, has already happened and with that statement it simply means there is no will happen – everything has already existed and played out infinitely in their own ways. Some parallelisms exist with the multi-verse theory except this one is a little more specialized and something I have been working on formulating myself through my own personal experiences. By definition a theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something. Something here being possibility and the definition of possibility is a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives. When you put these two together and add the infinite part it really starts to get the brain ticking.

This takes me to my next piece which spawns from this, based on where we have come as the human race and where the universe is at its current development – from our understanding and what we can perceive what is the difference between simulated reality and the reality of the senses being interpreted in the human mind. When you think about the brain where does it exist, inside your skull, and inside the skull it’s floating in cerebral fluid in complete darkness. With no senses the brain has no need to interpret and put all the information it collects through the senses together, therefore the brain functions as a translator for the sensory world and universe we exist in. With that being said, our minds are literally creating our reality that we perceive and therefore when the mind doesn’t exist there is no interpretation and there is nothing there. Define that how you will, it leads me to believe that we could have possibly tapped into something much greater and we are running through simulations of different versions of reality and using the information we gather from these with our future selves or higher state of consciousness or being in some regard. Makes me wonder if this really is all there is to it – and at the same time it really makes me believe every day is a blessing and should not be taken for granted.

Life has many beautiful things to offer and those who are willing to accept and receive these offerings on a daily basis – even down to the present moment are able to tap into the utmost beautiful part of being alive; enjoying this for what it is and let’s remember not to take any of this all too seriously. I am a firm believer in going with the flow that life has to offer and something swimming against the current can cause exhaustion, fatigue, and even death however not fighting it and letting “the chips fall where they may” -Tyler Durden or the current take you where it will may lead to an exciting new area. Possibly one that has yet to be discovered and that is something that is really cool because even though we want to resist and fight things in life, ultimately we are only capable of doing so much. In doing so we must learn the balance between doing too much and finding out how much is actually enough and we are comfortable with. Learning your limits and boundaries is an extremely important lesson that life has to offer and will take me a lifetime to continue to develop myself and I am very much looking forward to what is yet to come.