One month and it’s the start of a new era where I get to not only accomplish things I have been wanting to do for a while, I also get to re-establish myself to myself and for myself because I am certain of one thing: when I know what I want, I get it and right now I am forming exactly what I want and will do everything in my power to work towards achieving it.

In one month from now I will be in Northern California preparing for my trip to the Netherlands to celebrate King’s Day (as CRAZY KING) you know I gotta celebrate the big day with the 800,000 residents and another 700,000 tourists who are in town for the big party. Never been to mardi gras, hear this is like the worlds largest mardi gras, should be epic. Also going to check out the Van Gogh museum and hang with some locals Katak and I met at bman last year while we are stomping around out there with his bro – should be an epic trio of pros.

I have also relocated to Dallas semi-permanent for my summer season, 2019 will be executed out here and I’ll spend the rest of the summer working in the security and solar industry while building my own consulting business as well. End game result = finish the summer, close out with burning man, wrap up any unfinished work and the setup housing for myself and spend the next few months masterminding this consulting firm and really launching from the ground level into the stratosphere.

Today though the focus is to work as hard as I can to find a few good conversations and this is the life of a traveling salesman / entrepreneur / self man visionary with a plan who is the fucking man! That’s right, I am the man and no one can stop me except myself, which isn’t going to happen today, not now, not once, not never – chazout

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