In only a few short moments there lies an opportunity to examine ourselves and reflect within oneself in order to take advantage of the growth and overcome the challenges that it takes to be present with ourselves. Even if it’s only for a mere few seconds, and then you work your way up to minutes, eventually into a completely blissful state of mind. Without thought or internet noise, complete silence almost as if the ability to think has been temporarily muted – the uncanny inner voice which we’ve all become so accustomed to hearing since we share company with it 24/7.

That is where one of my greatest gifts from all of my dedicated time to dance games gifted me the constant training and enhanced ability to clear my mind and completely focus and zen out. Staring at the screen with arrows moving from bottom to top of the screen sometimes upwards of 600 bpm. Moving both of my feet in perfect synchronization with four panels, up, down, left, right and gripping the bar behind my back to support some of my body weight in order to allow my legs and feet to stomp on the arrows in a floating since – moving my feet inches between each arrow sometimes hitting 20+ arrows within seconds.

That’s where some serious mind body coordination training came from for me, with over ten years of practice and tens of millions upon millions of arrows stomped. Until one day I chose to purchase my very own machine, my very own – brand new In The Groove 2 Cabinet. What a special day that day was when it was delivered from a freight truck and required a palette jack and two hauls from the truck to the garage in order to unbox that bad boy. It was one of the most exciting times for me and I know how pumped I was anticipating this delivery… of almost three months in the waiting and making to get this thing from Minnesota to Arizona.

There were a lot of things about dance games that really stuck with me, and took me all the way from playing one of the first few versions released Dance Dance Revolution: 3rd Mix. I lived in Flower Mound, Texas at the time and it was in the Grapevine Mills Mall. Down the street merely a few miles away Steven Spielberg himself cut the red ribbon on one of his very first ‘theme’d’ arcades and it was so badass because it was based off of ‘the Matrix’ such a cool place. So many great memories from there, and that’s where my affinity for dance games began at the age of thirteen and for the next twelve years I went from loving the game, to playing a tournaments traveling all around, to writing about the game, making step charts for the game, learning how to modify code and upload commands in the machine once we moved from the konami stock machines to the roxor machines teamed with andamiro. Amazing times, and then I owned a dedicab for several years and that was the legacy in dance games for me.


Still got it on the pads, some things you never forget and when you dance as hard as I have; you’ll always be great at that game. . . 4 4