New favorite german – minimum high tech producer and dj
in his own words: Science Fiction Techno
pop into youtube and have a listen to a few of these tracks below.

Devil (Original Mix)
In All Your Glory (Boris Brejcha Remix)
Losing Control
R U Fcking Serious (Ann Clue Remix)
Boris Brejcha (Original Hashtag Mix)
Lonely Planet
Push It
I Am The Joker
Purple Noise
Road Trip
Sometimes Things Get Complicated
White Rainbow
Lost Memory
Killing Me
Space Gremlin
Angel In The Sky
Sad But True
Night Owl
Welcome To Real Life
Streets of Gold
Schleierwolken (Original Mix)

This guy is good – really into some of these progressions and drops with the music he has produced and hearing him mix his own sets of content produced and remixes of his songs, yes yes! Right along lines with Deadmau5 to me in some similar styles of telling a story within the parameters of the song. Boris Brejcha is extremely enjoyable to listen to. Minimal High Tech. Good one.

DJ Mix Sets: