Creating music that resonates with my feelings and emotions: electronic genre various subs
Focusing on my physical health and continuing my gym discipline and
Eating enough food to support my gym habit and daily routine
Rekindling old friendships that have fallen by the way side and reconnecting with my pros
Setting goals for the next one – three – six months and what I want to achieve: financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, traveling, projects that need attention.
Shifting my perspective to create the perfect 24 hour routine and regime that can be duplicated day after day, week after week allowing myself Sunday’s to rest and take time off to prepare for upcoming week.
Restructure my sources of income and continue to reach passive income goal of $3,000 month.
Take time to read every single day, even if 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.
Eliminate online distractions that absorb my time and provide minimal payout: FB, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, other sites like these.
More focus on blogging and web design, work on other projects to maximize TPP.
Remove all distractions from my life that can cause hinderance in me focusing on these pieces until I have a better handle on the day to day tasks and am able to stream line my process.