Below you can find some easy frequently asked questions that I have filled out for all of you, and will continue to update as the website grows.

What’s your history with personal blogging?

I have been blogging on .com domains way back since I was fourteen years old, which was in 2000.  Seventeen years now in the making, and honestly no one does it better than doing it yourself.

Do you use social media websites, why not blog there?

Yes, of course I use social media - started with Myspace then into LiveJournal before Facebook came out and all the rest... honestly they run a lot of algorithms to try and predict what you are thinking, what you want to buy, who you should talk to, who you should see, how you should see content, and it upsets me to the point where I am constantly censoring myself on websites like that.  This is my website and I can write about, talk about, discuss anything I feel and no one will tell me what I can and cannot do; and you are welcome to view my site or not, it does not matter to me.

What does phase III mean?

Phase III means this is the third renovation on the website and currently evolving into Phase IV where we will be launching a fully customized, hand coded, written from scratch website that will be interactive and unique - unlike any other site that exists!