What can I say, it was a wonderful time with the sisters and even though it was difficult mentally to balance everything as well as keep my emotions together… very happy with getting a chance to see all of them and be together.  We had a great time and it was filled with awesome exchanges of gifts and we got to do little things here and there that reminded me what siblings and family is all about.  No matter what our differences, where we are in life, or how we feel things are or are not going — we can always appreciate if only for a glimpse time together as a family and nothing will ever replace that bond.

Speaking of bonds, it has been a real pleasure to continue to get to know this new girl and I am quite impressed with how understanding and comforting she has been during this time of my life and with everything I have going on.  It really does make me feel happy to know that being myself in an extremely authentic form, expressing my feelings and emotions completely can really be appreciated and respected.  I have spent a very long time in getting to better understand myself in areas that I have spent my entire life developing and will continue to spend the rest of my life developing because I have already committed to the lifestyle artist track and nothing will change the direction I am carving for myself on this planet.

Regardless of what happens or does not happen, there will always be a hint of optimism that I can stand behind and continue to ride because in the end, if you cannot finish knowing that you gave it your absolute best… then you will spend a very long time reflecting and thinking about all of the things that you could have done differently.  No one wants to be in that space for long, it is way better to bask in the glory and the results of knowing you gave it your best shot and that’s exactly what I am looking to do.

2018 is going to be a huge year and I cannot wait to see how well things pan out, in many areas of my life – there are many great chapters to come and many great chapters that are coming to closure so during this time I want to thank you all for being here.  It means a lot to me, and sometimes knowing that even only one person is here; that’s all that matters… and sometimes that one person is me, like dad always said – “Son, you’ve got to take care of number one, and number one is you”. Thanks dad, I will make sure to continue to do that so I can continue to help others in ways I will never need to know I have helped.  That is what this is all about, in the end to me… helping others while in the meantime also helping myself, in a completely non-selfish way.  Bring it on 2017, show me what you’ve got left in you; ETH > BTC.