(a moment of silence before I even write anything)

Wow, there are hardly any words to describe how bad I feel for neglecting my site, my thoughts, my mind, my own take on this reality here. What the fuck is going on right now, how else can you simply question what is happening right now.

Six months since I have posted or bothered here with this, and the revision is still on the way. Being a perfectionist has bit me in the ass more times than I can remember at this point. I love it though, and learning along the way how that shows up for me in different ways is what I truly have enjoyed growing into, and learning how to flow within different projects. Not being to self critical and if the timeline must be extended, then so be it and it shall be extended. Growth.

That’s what I think we are experiencing right now, and one of the most painful memories I have growing up as a child were growing pains. The actual feeling in deep inside of your bones, the feeling like every cell is being stretched in unison and your bones are literally growing and you are hyper aware of the sensation, which your brain interprets as an actual pain response. Growing hurts, and growing sucks and what we are dealing with right now in our country here in the USA. Specifically around the world, the world is growing right now and everyone who is apart of it is in this together. I love you guys, each and every one of you. The site now has 9,000 members.