I have been meaning to rebrand and revamp the site for several months now, more like a year and a few months. I have neglected the site as usual, happens from time to time I get caught up in life and simply mismanage my time improperly to devote the proper resources mentally and continue with certain things. That’s life though and part of the art and beauty of everything and it can also be very frustrating because we pour our energy and everything into certain things and they don’t work out. Trial and error my friends, that is what it is all about to an extent, right? My idea of the perfect way of living is figuring out how to have a good day and then once you can figure out how to have a good day, you work on having a good set of few days, then once you can figure that out, of course you’re going to have some ups and downs throughout those days and that experience you work on doubling that effort and the next thing you know you’ve got a pretty damn good week. With that good week, you do your best to duplicate that week after week and so on – and there you go, you’re living the best life you can be living and refining the days that turn into weeks that turn into months and eventually into years and decades into your best shot at living this human experience.

When we take time to reflect and work on introspection there is a serious amount of growth and development that can spawn from putting work in these areas. I am someone who is a student to life and will forever be learning and challenging myself to grow as an individual and being. From a younger age being exposed to the internet and vast world of communication and information I realized that there is an extremely amazing opportunity at this time being alive. The same opportunity I am sure has been recognized for thousands of years if not even longer, the opportunity to take advantage of learning oneself and becoming attuned and comfortable within your own skin and mind. Society has thrown a lot of curveballs in that basic level of understanding ourselves and we are constantly bombarded with advertisements that tell us we are not good enough, that we can be doing better with out bodies or our looks, with what we are doing with our lives, our societal status, all the way to one extreme to another – advertising is simply glorified ways of saying in order to be like this, you must spend or do this and we can help you! Now I have a very strange love hate relationship with this because I have been in direct sales, advertising, studied marketing in college and I love it at the same time I hate it – so what do we do with this?

When you choose to take the journey of self development it doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on books, life training courses, weekend seminars, consulting and coaching lessons – though these are all good things, and I am advocate for each and all of them, there must be a balance between what you are taking in and what you are applying and actually benefiting and learning from these things. I believe that once you choose to take the path of self development you must ask yourself where you want to begin, and once you can pinpoint where you want to begin… even if it’s something small like how you can work on your peace of mind, or maintaining a better outlook on things, or reacting positively to things that normally you would react negatively to, anything along these lines you are able to focus on the growth and start doing work there.

We can see physical tangible results when we working on projects with our hands and that require us to use tools in order to create or do something. When we are working on internal development it can be very challenging to gauge the results and see where we are growing and what we are accomplishing because even the slightest setback may be defeating and we feel as if we haven’t even cracked the surface. When in actuality we have made a dent in the growth and the challenging part is staying committed to the development, no matter what. Once you have decided to take on this extremely challenging concept then you can start to build on it, much like a muscle must be torn down in order to rebuild itself stronger. In order for the muscle to properly heal though, you must feed it proper nutrition and give it time to rest, and allow the body to recover as well as hydrate amongst other things. This will give the muscle every tool it needs to grow and be ready to be broken down again, which it is expecting and preparing for; much like our mind and our growth. We must expect that we will be growing continually and you must commit to a lifetime of development in order to truly see the massive results that are available.

That’s where I am at, committed to the lifetime of growing and that means there will be a lot of blood, sweat, tears, pain, joy, elatedness, dedication, and devotion that must go into the mix in order to keep myself engaged until I’m unable to do so any longer. The goal of this is to never reach a point where complacency in any area takes over, and with that idea in mind it means that my life will never be nothing short of boring and exciting with new adventures and chapters coming and going. This leads me to believe that with this mindset I can accomplish my childhood dream which is to be a lifestyle artist; living multiple lives in one lifetime. Maximizing the human experience in every way possible, full throttle and in the most cautious and ever delicate sense that in no way is this meant to be a live fast die young attitude, however it is more along the lines of this life we are given to live is an amazing opportunity so why not take advantage of the fact that you can do anything you put your mind to. With that I will leave this on the note of anything you put your mind to can manifest into reality in some shape or form – whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, conceptual, you name it… if you build it they will come. One of my favorite quotes and sayings from my childhood, along with a little bit of nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. Thank you Field of Dreams and Willy Wonka.