The days are getting easier and the desire for sleep is diminishing.
Today was the first day I saw the sun for the first time more than an hour in the past two weeks and that has been a while since that has happened to be my atmosphere: ice cold here in Dallas though. Nothing beats coming home and stomping around old territory, literally – seeing more success each day in a lot of areas. Gym routine still going. Could be eating cleaner but on the go is demanding enough with time and proper nourishment usually ends up being embellishment in eyes bigger than my stomach mode. Ever so carefully to still clean my plate and everything in front of me as usual, nothing’s changed there.

The nights have been cold and the warmth from this what I would imagine be close to anything JNCO could have ever done… the number one selling item for a vintage collector, a full on comforter duvet made entirely of old denim jeans and it weighs a ton as well as insulates better then an open sleeping bag. It has been nice to sleep and adjust to the colder weather and work my way into an ongoing new routine. The productivity is increasing daily and the batteries from the last chapter are fading , losing power and the brain is forming new neural pathways. My discipline is being tested by myself and a few things that have been working well for me is knowing the parameter of hours I will be focusing on the job in which I am doing.

When you leave the mind to not spend time thinking about what if, it opens up a lot of space for you to use that thinking power and apply it to something much more impactful. Close your mind to thoughts in which your inner voice brings to life and you believe; silence that voice if only for a second, and then next time two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five seconds until eventaully you do that a dozen times you’ve gone an entire minute with a completely silent intermission. Within that minute a lot of clarity and adoption in this new technique will become firm and sound in your every possible chance to use it. Work with this tool and do not forget the power that exists in every second. The power of possibility: a thing that may be chosen or done out of possible alternatives. Choose the power of possibility and create your own path in navigating your own infinite possibilities. By choosing the power of possibility you will put in effort and work to create the infinite possibility map and then you must ask yourself; what now when you have everything – what do you want to do?

Teach others the way of this presence of mind and continue to explore the different alternatives until those explorations flourish into the one and only alternative ending that I will personally get to witness start to finish and that’s very fucking special. How many people can say that – oh wait, every single person can. But the real question is, how many people think of it like that? The mind has no limit so why should we limit the amount of alternatives when we are faced with so many, we shouldn’t so let’s not place restrictions in this way of thinking because the only restrictions are the ones that come from within; which is another topic and another piece for later. This presence of mind is an additional way of thinking for a period of time so one can fully examine and evaluate from an entirely different perspective unique to the individual. Think of this as a utility item for your mind, imagine your favorite flavor and type of chapstick. This is your chance to get a pocket knife tool which is extremely versatile for survival within your mind. Use it wisely and do not lose it, and if you do and you must start over again and replace it… start back from one second, then two seconds, then three seconds, four seconds…and now five seconds.

Multiply that value by a dozen and now you’ve got 60 seconds of pure inner silence. Blissful isn’t it, I know it will take some time. It took me time to get to where I am now.