Good morning,
I have adopted the phrase ‘pro’ instead of the common term ‘bro’ which I use to identify and recognize other ‘pros’ in my life and if you are called a pro by me, then you best believe that you’ve earned that respect.  The phrase quid pro quo in English means an exchange of goods or services where one is contingent upon the other; goods for goods, favor for favor, service for service.  See example below:

In my world, the term ‘pro’ which I have adopted and created the phrase pro quo pro means an exchange of pro-ness from one to another; pro for pro, we are equally pro, pro goes both ways.  This is something I have really taking a liking to because the idea behind the concept of PQP is that we are equal and even though we are unique and different in our own ways, there can still be a common ground of pro-ness that exists between one another.  Further explaining the break down of the ‘pro’ it’s short for ‘professional’ which is a gender neutral term and can be used for both men and women, the same. As pros we hold ourselves to a higher standard of respect for one another, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard of respect for ourselves.  Everything about the pro comes from within; and identifying another pro can easily be done by spending some time with a person and really getting to know them at the core of who they are.  You may notice the difference right away and visually it may better explain itself:

Pro quo pro is a phrase used in English to mean an equal commonality of professionalism in lifestyle and morals. Mutual respect and understanding goes both ways, in which both pros share similar views in pro-ism; pro for pro.

That my friends is the breakdown of my pro club, and I welcome you to join me in the way of the pro.  Most of you who are reading this already know the way of the pro, and get it. It is more than a way, it is a lifestyle and by choice; so with that until I blog more this evening I wish you a wonderful day.  May the pro be with you, more to come on the pro.