Another successful day today; and to think at the start of the day this morning I wanted to write the day off.  Do some laundry, take my time getting ready for the day, have a coffee with some fruit and take care of myself.  Then the time came to make the decision was I going to go to work for the day, or sit around and do nothing… well of course you know there is no sitting around doing nothing in my world, I’m always up to something; so I made the choice to put my clothes on and go to work.  WELL THAT WAS THE BEST CHOICE EVER, it’s always been a recurring trend for me that when I truly do not want to do something, as hard as it may be – I know it will be good for me and by doing it, I am actually growing and expanding my character, my mind, my self worth, my ability to muscle through the challenges of life no matter how easy or hard. Really goes to show that persisting until you succeed is a life mantra that has not only worked for me, but many others – and yes Og Mandino did definitely help me at a young age.  I have to give major props to my grandmother who introduced me to the book and then the Southwestern company reintroduced it to me. Had some really god conversations tonight, goodnight all.