To be a champion because I choose
To control my mind from wandering into the realm of analyzing and obsessively recapping some of the recent string of events that have been taking a large part of my mental space, by choice. (Though turning off these thoughts and silencing them has been difficult)
To set myself free from the conversation that I am having with someone in only my mind, while they are completely gone and not engaging in the other side of it. No one wants that, nor needs that.
To clear my heart and soul and allow for room for forgiveness to take place, this has been a work in progress but with ignorance is bliss and my social media avoidance right now – I believe I can do this, and will do this, and through this acceptance of myself I will begin to rebuild and reclaim my inner peace.
To not give away my power to someone that does not feel the same way towards me, regardless of what we had together or were creating – what is so now is that those times are over.
To work as hard as I can and meet two people today that their lives will benefit from my stopping into their world in order to help make it better, while helping make my life better too.
To continue living each and every day as if it’s my last and pick up the pieces and shards from where they are and march forward in the month of march madness.
To make it work no matter what, because I choose to make it work – work will work because I work, and no one can tell me otherwise or take my working spirit away from me.
To persist until I succeed in all of these areas, I am not one to torture myself or beat myself up – however lately my attitude and thoughts have been getting the best of me and that’s totally normal. We are all human and to an extent no matter how amazing you think you are and what you are capable of, there still exists the same machinery that makes us human beings. Nothing can change that, as special as it is – on the same token it is not uncommon that’s for sure. There are seven billion + people out there and probably another half a billion that have come before us and there will be billions more to come after us. This experience is a magical one, one not to be taken for granted, and even though I have been taking the past few weeks for granted I am committed to becoming a better human being and person because of my experiences.

By choosing to make today the best day I possibly can, I am going to give all my efforts for three blocks of three hour windows time. Here we go.

Edit: 10 hours later; I was a champion and succeeded today. Boom. Power of the mind and channeled inner focus can produce amazing results, literally unlimited variance within our minds… what are you going to do with yours?