Some days I’m filled with joy and excitement and other days I’m feeling like a blob of skinbag with bones inside of it. Today is neither of those days, today is a new day with a new start and I’m about to make some magic happen out there. That’s normal and nothing unusual to experience ups and downs – no need to focus on them – rather gauge them overall and work on having a healthy balance of mind. I am seeing a lot of success and my flow is starting to come back. There’s nothing better to do than get in action and get to work though, so that’s what we are going to do. The past few days have been filled with routine and great food. I am really enjoying trying all these small little places here in Dallas – it’s a fun food tour. Filling up my google maps with great places to eat and also working on my contributions to GMAPS.

We are exactly five weeks away from departing for Netherlands and I am stoked. Time to get some new gear and fresh clothes to prepare for the trip as well as fancy up the wardrobe a bit. That’s the only thing I was worried about with a gym routine of 6+ months… eventually I will outgrow all of my old clothes and need to replace them with new ones. Feels good to see the progress and I also need a new pair of shoes or two.

Ready to get the day started. Also what’s up to my friends and fellow pros.