What an adventure the past few days have been, literally – and I am very happy right now.  Yes; things have been up and down but the reality of life is that happens to all of us. If you can’t take the good with the bad, bad with the good – then how are you supposed to take anything too seriously if you can only take one or the other?


The yin-yang and I was speaking with a friend earlier today where we both touched on that and how it’s one of the best things.  There are fine lines in everything we do, especially in anything that we love to do and as an artist of life the fine lines of things are very important and eloquent to me. What you put into something is what you are going to get out of it.  There are a million of these things that I love and believe in.  If you do the things you have always done, then you’ll get the same results. Grow. Break-out. Develop. These are also all things that I have been thinking on the past few weeks, life is too short to really take anything too seriously.  I am enjoying myself in ways that I never thought were possible, simply because I am making sure to take my time with certain things.  There is nothing better than knowing you are on the track that you want to be on when life starts showing you repeatedly through it’s own beautiful ways that remind you how precious this all truly is.

After driving back from Texas, I realized that every couple hundred of miles there will always be someone who I have connected with and maybe still in touch with, and that really is a cool thing to have.  Traveling for over a decade and a half, being a part of countless sales teams and meeting people from all around the world has been eye opening.  I am very thankful for all of my friends, new friends, people in my life, and the people that have yet to come. This really would be a different experience if it weren’t for all of you, and that’s something I am very fond of.

Speaking of new friends, I have been making a few and there is one in particular who is very sweet and kind. Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me. This is going to be a fun adventure, and I’m looking forward to what’s coming in 2018. Several things I have been working on over the past few years are finally starting to come together. If you want to produce a result you must attempt and take action.  When taking action into something that you have never done before, you are actually growing as a person and everything that happens after that will teach you something, so why not? What’s holding you back.

No more time,